Buy the Rumor; Sell the News is a newsletter about the practical application of AI. With a dash of speculation thrown in.

Our financial markets, and every other part of our lives, is about to be up-ended by artificial intelligence. I aim to bring you practical, grounded insights about this technology. Speculation about what the future holds, given more advanced AI tech, may be in the cards, but it will be grounded in what might be termed directional arrows of progress.

What does the name of the newsletter mean?

“Buy the rumor; sell the news” is a pithy phrase, commonly associated with the financial markets, meant to capture a complex set of behaviors, emphasizing the interplay of psychology, information, and timing in trading decisions.

There’s a lot of hype and rumor to be had in artificial intelligence, and precious little news.I’m trying to sell news here. I want to provide you with practical, applicable information about how AI is being used today, its limitations, its potential, and its implications.

Posting frequency and length

I aim to publish a post per day, averaging around 1,000 words. Sometimes my schedule will not allow this frequency, but it should work more often than not.

How you can help

Subscribe to this newsletter, comment on its posts, like them, restack them, email them to your friends and your colleagues. Each additional subscriber provides me with more motivation to continue to bring you great insights about the rapidly developing field of AI.

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